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Exciting news! I have just had my 1st book of Poems published! If you'd like to buy it, please click on this link which will direct you to

Also, if you purchase the book and enjoy it, please post a review on amazon, it would be much appreciated.

To all those who visit this website with any kind of regularity, thank you for your continued interest. I'm writing today just to let you know that, even though I haven't posted anything lately, I'm still writing and in fact am working on a rather important project. However, in the meantime I wanted to drop you all a line and let you know about something called The Lighter Fluid Gang.
This is nothing sinister, and there's no obligations involved. You need not send anything or do anything out of the ordinary. The Lighter Fluid Gang is merely a belief in being a good person, about not being dishonest or intentionally cruel. All it really amounts to is a faith in yourself: That you can be a decent person in a world that very often isn't.
There's a poem that follows this entry, and maybe it can explain a bit better than I. Sometimes a few rhymes here and there can make more sense than an entire manuscript. If you like what you read and agree with its message, then I welcome you into the gang, and if not, well, I understand, but still hope that someday you might give it a chance.
Thank you for listening. Your attention is always appreciated. If you'd like a button bearing the gang's logo, please write to me and let me know. I can always be reached at
To Everybody and Everyone,
Vincent Spada
The Lighter Fluid Gang
If you don't dig phonies
or frauds or fakes
If you see politically correct
as just many mistakes
If you think for yourself
and speak without slang
Then you're one of us:
The Lighter Fluid Gang
If you're honest and upfront
and say what you mean
If you walk the line straight
and play the game clean
If you're not full of crap
and still have some pride
Then this is your group
and this is your side
If you're just a nobody
A no one from nowhere
Yet still speak your mind
and still really care
Then you've got courage
in no small amount
This means you matter
This means you count
You may feel all alone
but that just isn't so
If you walk with us now
there's no telling where we'll go
All travelers are welcome
regardless of your position
All people, all races
One voice, one mission
Here then is our cause
Our sacred mandate
To convert the whole world
without malice or hate
We ask nothing so complicated
and nothing so tough
Just be truthful in life
That alone is enough
So that is our message
and that is our plan
To say what we think
and to help if we can
That's what we strive for
Our hopes on this hang
This is who we are
The Lighter Fluid Gang
Vincent Spada

An explanation into the meaning of the saying "We are One under the Sun."

  For any of you who may have visited my website in the last few weeks, you may have noticed a slogan which I have posted at the beginning of the home page. That slogan reads:
We are One under the Sun
My apologies if this saying sounds a bit vague. I admit, I did not offer much in the way of explanation. So I will now try to elaborate, as best as I can, the meaning behind these sacred words. When I say that We are One under the Sun, I mean that all things, and all people, in all worlds and universes, are in fact the same, and should treat each other as such. I realize that this may seem impossible for some to accept, but I have come to see this saying as a good and noble truth. In fact, the single greatest truth in the history of the human race, and I felt it was important that I spread that message to others.
Understand, brothers and sisters, that we are a single family. Under the Lord, and on this planet, there is no real difference. We are made of the same material, the same likeness, the same mold. We think alike, we act alike, and we are One, as the Almighty made us. We experience the same pains, the same heartaches and despairs, and in this we are bonded, for tragedy has many children. We are connected, as well, to the Earth, for we have all been born from it, and the trees, the plants, the animals, share in this holy gathering. There is nothing in existence which can separate us if we do not let it, and if we come together as a whole, no force ever forged can break us apart. You may think you are alone, but have no fear, for you are not. If you reach out and seek your brethren, you will find them, for they are there. You have only to believe in what is good and what is right, and in the end you will succeed, for those who care can never fail.
So that, my friends, is the meaning behind the saying, and I hope you will embrace it and see it as your own. In my opinion, we are born so that we may become something better, and we can only accomplish that through struggle and strife. Yet, if we join hands in the hardship of the journey, we will lighten the burden upon us, and ease the suffering for each other. We will be as God intended, and share in the glory of the cause. We will be One under the Sun, in all ways and for all time.
Thank you for allowing me to explain. I hope I was able to help you understand.
Be well,
Vincent Spada



We are One under the Sun

I just wanted to write and send a simple message to anyone out there who might be listening. I've been thinking things over, and I've come to a conclusion. I feel it is something very important, since it is a great truth, so what I have to say is:

We are One under the Sun

That's all. Thanks for listening.

Vincent Spada


My name is Vincent Spada, and I am a writer and a poet. If you've managed to locate this page, I thank you for stopping by.
On this site you will find a listing of some of the poetry I've written in the past year or so. There is also a link to a series of short stories that I've been writing for a few newspapers. Please feel free to have a look around, and drop me a line if you'd like to make a comment. I would ask, however, that you please do not use or remove any content listed on the site, as it is all copyrighted, with many poems or articles already appearing in magazines and newspapers. Your courtesy in this matter is appreciated, and will continue to be so in the future.
Once more, thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed what you read.

My best to you,
Vincent Spada
E-mail to:


I am looking for an agent or book publisher to help me in my career. I have had both poems and stories featured in over twenty magazines and journals, as well as in half a dozen or so newspapers, both in the U.S. and abroad. If you are interested and would like to discuss this matter, I can be reached at:

E-mail to:

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.

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